Richard Lackman
Posted Monday, May 2, 2022 10:08 AM

Sorry to have to post this. Richie Lackman died yesterday (May 1) at his home in Emerald Isle, NC. Richie had battled cancer (appendiceal) for over 5 years now and had fought it valiantly but finally succumbed to the disease.

Richie was one of my closest friends, since 6th grade when he, Gary Moffie, and I formed an almost unbeatable bowling team up at the old Bowlers' World. Richie and I stayed closed throughout high school and even in college. We lost track a bit but re-connected via twitter about 5 years ago and fortunately I was able to get up to his house at Emerald Isle and spend a day with him in 2018 and then he and his wife, Wanda, stayed at our house in New Hampshire shortly before the 50th reunion. Richie was there with Artie Goldman and Steve Lawrence and we told some great lies about the good old days.

Richie was a good man and I'll miss him a lot.